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Baby Massage

Baby Massage

Baby Massage

Baby Massage

A healthy baby is a massaged baby

Although it is recommended to perform baby massage without prior learning, there are books and publications on the internet, even brief, few hours long training courses for parents. You can also go with the child to a massage therapist and see how s/he performs the massage and ask about instructions.

A little man appeared in the house, you want him/her to feel comfortable and do not feel any pain. You take care of his/her needs, care and deliver essential nutrients. Is there anything more that you can do for him/her from the first months of life? Definitely yes, namely massage your toddler…

Gentle baby massage can be performed on a child from about two months of age, it all depends on how the baby adapts to the surrounding environment and new things happening around him/her. The most important thing is for the nave to be thoroughly healed, and then there are only benefits for both mom and baby.

Do not be afraid to massage your baby, there is no need for any trained movements, or special massage courses. What is needed is your love and a little bit of sense, and you will help your child overcome some problems, as well as strengthen the immune system and improve the efficiency of the muscles. During the baby massage, the serotonin is secreted by the baby, which relaxes and unloads stress, so that the child feels safe. If you pat your baby every day, it will be easier for him/her to fall asleep, reduce muscle tension. With long-term use of massage, growth hormone is stimulated, and the digestion, metabolism and circulation are improved. You’ll also notice that the baby is getting quieter. It is also very important that by massaging your baby, you increase his/her resistance to infection…

When massaging a baby, the most important is that your movements resembled gentle stroking, and your hands are warm, thanks to which the positive information from the environment will flow to the baby. For baby, a massage is something completely new, so implement it gradually and lengthen the duration every day.

Start the adventure with massaging by positioning the baby on the back, so that s/he has eye contact with you all the time. Talk to him affectionately, with quiet, regular voice, also about the movements performed by you.

Before performing the baby massage, prepare your hands. Hands must be warmed up, you can rub one with the other or put them under a stream of warm water. Then spread an olive or cosmetic milk for babies on them. You should also remember to shorten the nails and take off the rings, thus avoiding irritation of the baby’s delicate skin.

For baby, the massage will be a pleasure if you use olive or cosmetic milk. Be sure not to pour the cosmetic directly on the baby’s skin, because it can be very unpleasant for him/her. First warm the product in your hands, then gently spread it over the body of a toddler.

When you perform the baby massage, carefully watch the reactions of your baby, whether s/he prefers more confident or much more delicate touch, then you will avoid dissatisfaction of the baby. The room in which you massage the infant should be cosy and warm, and the optimum temperature is 24 C. The position in which you will massage should also be comfortable for you, so that at the end your back does not hurt.

Prepare in advance the things that you may find useful. On the bed or changing table, spread a soft towel, put a blanket next to it to cover the baby after the massage. You will need necessary cosmetics, spare nappies and wipes. There is nothing else to do but starting to massage your baby, do it without hurry, with an open hand in the case of larger elements of the body, and in case of the smaller, such as the head, handles and feet, only with the tips of fingers. Your movements should be soft and smooth.

There are of course situations in which you should refrain from massage. If you are upset or tired, do not massage your baby, because your movements are too rapid and nervous, so your toddler will pick them as unpleasant. Avoid massage when the baby is sick after vaccination or just cranky. Do not force it, the child must fully accept your actions.

If the baby is cold, refrain from doing massage, wait for example for bath. Hungry or sleepy baby will also not be willing to massaging, postpone it to a different time. If the child is right after eating, this moment is also not suitable for massage. Do not use any massage equipment, in this case, warm hands of mum or dad are the best. You should also avoid point compression with fingers at the spine and neck, it is completely inadvisable!

In time, extend the baby massage to a few minutes, you can also turn it into a form of play. You should also consult a doctor, who takes care of the baby if s/he does not see contraindications for massage. The most important is that your baby feels safe during the whole “treatment”!

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