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Massage – When The Client Arrives

Massage - When The Client Arrives

Massage – When The Client Arrives

Everything is ready. Fresh towels have been laid on the massage table, oil bottles refilled with scented oils. The temperature in the room has been optimally adjusted, so our client will feel comfortable. Scented candles have been lit, so the subtle lavender scent will let the client unwind before, the experience of the massage makes them feel relaxed and rejuvenated. When the client arrives in the massage therapy studio, we need to welcome him in friendly and professional manner. Below I am going to describe my thoughts on how a client should be treated, before the massage session begins.

Massage – When The Client Arrives

  • When seeing someone for the first time, introduce yourself and give a friendly handshake.
  • Ask your client how to address them.
  • Go together through your client’s file, before you start the session. Spent 5-10 minutes on it.
  • Listen carefully to their comments and make notes.
  • Offer your client to use the bathroom before they get ready for the session.
  • Be aware of their stress level.
  • Warm up your massage oil and your hands before you start.
  • Ask your client if they easily get bruised.
  • Ask them why they have decided to have a massage session.
  • If your client never had a massage before, explain what they can expect. If your client had a massage session before, tell them that your treatment may be different from the experience they had so far.
  • Skip part of the body the client does not feel comfortable being massaged.
  • Ask your client to undress, as much as they feel comfortable and cover themselves with sheet or towel. If a female client prefers to keep her bra on, ask if you could undo it, when massaging her back.
  • Tell your client where they can leave their clothes and jewellery.
  • Beware of etheric oils, always let your client smell the oil before you start.
  • Put both your mobile and landline on silent.
  • You have the right to refuse the session or cease it at any point, always make a note of it in the client’s file.
  • The client has the right to refuse a massage session.
  • Ask where your client would like you to start the session.
  • Make sure you meet the client’s expectation and not what you think is best for them.
  • Ask your client, where they would like you to focus the session.
  • Ask what happened since the last treatment.
  • If you are not sure, if the client should have a session, always ask for a doctor’s certificate.
  • If your client is injured, ask how that happened.
  • Always knock on the door and ask if you can enter the treatment room.
  • Do not tell your client when you are available, ask them when a convenient time would be.
  • Make sure you take time to focus before the session begins.

2 Responses to “Massage – When The Client Arrives”

  • Dolores Wootton

    One important addition for the end of the session is to indicate that the session is complete and invite the client to relax for a few minutes before getting up and dressed, especially important for new clients who may feel uncertain.

    • newlife-massagelondon

      Thank you Dolores for mention it. Actually, I will write about it on next blog post, but you did it better than I have planned.


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