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Massage Therapist Injuries

Massage Therapist Injuries

How massage therapist should avoid injuries?

Massage Therapist injuries

Massage Therapist injuries

Massage Therapist’s Palms.

It is very important for any massage therapist to avoid injuries, caused by repeated strain on your hands. Recovering from a palm injury may be long and winding road. It may even threaten or prematurely finish a therapist career.
The following techniques will help you protect your hands and your career:
Stay fit and try to schedule exercise at least three times a week. Make sure you include stretching, aerobics and strengthening exercises in your workout. Preserving correct circulation will help you heal minor injuries in their initial stages, and will prevent them from getting worse.

Concentrate on your body mechanics. Be efficient and try to make the most effective movements with the least effort. It will result in minimizing strain on your body, while giving a massage. Try to keep the right posture as much as possible; focus on positioning arm’s and hand’s joints in a one line; use large muscle groups to create pressure with your body weight.

Avoid any unnecessary strain on your hands. Your body has its limits and can only take so much stress. Spending a lot of time playing a music instrument with your hands or typing will most certainly result in an injury.

Take good care of your palms on daily basis. They are your tools, so be kind to them. Avoid opening jars, playing sports, that involve your hands or DIY –all such activities may be stressful for your palms.

Work according to your natural body rhythm, not against it. If you have hyperactive hands do not use them too much during massage sessions. If you had any palms, fingers or neck condition or injury, think of massage techniques, which do not require so much pressure or strength.

Apply varied massage techniques. Use different parts of your arms and hands to give massage, in order to avoid repetitive movements of any part of your body. You can for example use your elbow and thumb alternatively for pressing.

Be aware of your working habits. Try to stick with regular work schedule to avoid sudden changes in your work load or intensity. Try different table heights to find the one that suits you best. Think of buying an electric table, which will allow you adjust the height during the massage session.

Do not rush. If you do not have enough time between your sessions to relax, stretch and breathe you are putting yourself at risk of an injury.

Employ different means in your massage sessions. Using elements of hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, energy balancing, chosen spa treatments may attract new clients and give new quality to your massage sessions. It will also reduce stress on your hands, giving your body a chance to rest and recover.

Be realistic. There are limits of work that you can do for your clients. You are only a human being. You have strengths and weaknesses. Respecting your own limitations will help you keep fit and healthy while doing your job.

Treat your injuries immediately and effectively. See your doctor for even slightest aches or discomfort. If you are feeling pain you must have strained or injured yourself. Ignoring it can only make things worse.

Injuries are complex issue to discuss. There is no magic way of preventing them. Improving your body mechanics is incredibly important, but even the best therapist may suffer from an injury.

The most effective way of avoiding injuries combines a lot of factors and should consider you as a whole, your body as well as your mind.