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Therapeutic massage is good (1/2)

Therapeutic Massage is good

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Massage constitutes one of the most popular forms of relaxation, since there is nothing with more calming properties than touch of human hands.

French scientists have proved that bar or restaurant staff may expect a higher tip, if when serving a customer, a worker will graze the client with an arm or a hand.  Why? We are keen on being touched in situations which favour it, namely when we are relaxed. God forbid, in a tube, a supermarket or on a crowded street!

Such human touch reminds us the touch of our mothers’ hands; this is why massage therapy is so efficient. Modern parents are recommended to give a massage to their kids when telling them nursery rhymes or fairy tales. Massage calms you down. Well, certain British schools even hired qualified specialists whose task is to give a head and feet massage to the most unruly kids.

Pinched like Julius Caesar

Just as children, adults also need to be frequently touched. Not necessary in a sexual way, but in the most neutral ones: therapeutic and relaxing. – The human being is a unity of: soul and body. If the body feels good, the soul functions better too. And since in our busy times it is easier to fulfil the needs of our body, many people decide to go for a massage therapy, which is a very good solution.

Massage is almost as old as humankind is. It comes from India and China where it was a part of religious rituals. In Greece massage was of particular significance for sportsmen taking part in the Olympics. In historical chronicles of the Roman Empire, there is a note saying that Julius Caesar suffering from sciatica was treated with massage comprised of stroking, pinching and kneading. In certain Slavic countries and we know that it was surely the case in Poland, since the half of 14 century there were steam baths in which people were birched after bathing in order to improve their blood supply to tissues. However, it was only during the 16th century when a proper massage evolved. It was revived in France by a remarkable surgeon and doctor, Ambroise Paré.

Nonetheless, a real development of therapeutic massage took place only at the beginning of 19th century thanks to Swedish doctors. The latter devised a therapeutic and hygienic method popularly called “Swedish gymnastics” a component of which consisted in massaging.

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