Anti Cellulite Massage part 3

Anti Cellulite Massage part 3 Benefit criterion vs. risk. Contraindications during the therapy connected with cellulite. Most often, apart from a massage, we have to do with a different aim, ex. weight loss support and shaping silhouette. Obviously, we use aids in such a way that they do not create risk and side effects. Remember! Continue reading »

Anti Cellulite Massage part 2

Anti Cellulite Massage part 2 During comprehensive therapy you have to take into consideration: 1. Medical advice and any suggestions concerning diet and determining a condition of organism, particularly of circulatory system, blood vessels and consequently, indications for appropriate procedures that do not result in side effects, ex. increase in pressure, burst blood vessels, organism Continue reading »

Massage Therapist Decalogue

Massage Therapist Decalogue In every day practise every one of us, professional massage therapist, considers very important issue of helping another human being. We learn it as we grow up, thanks to our family efforts. These practices help us in our adult lives; they influence our need to be with another person for good and Continue reading »

Anti Cellulite Massage part 1

Anti Cellulite Massage Tactile sensitivity used in massage is the basis in both diagnostics and in anti-cellulite therapy itself and majority of cosmetic procedures and aesthetic medicine. It provides information about a current condition of tissues and changes that occur during the therapy enabling appropriate direction of individual treatment. Cellulite is an aesthetic-health problem which Continue reading »