Aromatherapy Aromatherapy is a wonderfully simple and pleasant method of easing pains and minor health problems. It uses natural etheric oils for massage sessions, aromatic baths and by inhaling them when infused in the room. Throughout ages people have been using etheric oils for many purposes, aromatherapy being the most important one. The bible, ancient Continue reading »

Massage – When The Client Arrives

Everything is ready. Fresh towels have been laid on the massage table, oil bottles refilled with scented oils. The temperature in the room has been optimally adjusted, so our client will feel comfortable. Scented candles have been lit, so the subtle lavender scent will let the client unwind before, the experience of the massage makes Continue reading »

Before The Client Arrives

For a professional massage therapist, giving a good massage is equally important as efficient time management during a work day. In order to be successful as a massage therapist, one has to work on many levels. It is impossible to discuss them all in one post. I will concentrate here on sharing my own experiences Continue reading »