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Acupressure – Healing Pressure



By pressing magic points on the feet, hands, back, you can make yourself feel a little better.

– Acupressure is a lot easier than acupuncture and everyone can carry it alone.

Acupressure is a milder form of acupuncture. It has far less contraindications.

On the adult human’s body there are about 360 points arranged along the channels (called meridians), in which the life energy flows. Compression of individual spots has an impact on the improvement of well-being, functioning of internal organs or the sensation of pain.
– Acupressure has the same properties as acupuncture. But in this case, the needle is replaced by fingers. Acupressure is often used by people who do not agree on acupuncture, for example, those who are afraid of needles or children.

Acupressure can help in the fight with headache, improperly functioning internal organs, rheumatism, colds, and even with the distraction and stress. – Acupressure can be used alone, but it is best to do so after obtaining the previous instructions from the doctor. Acupressure is an adjuvant, but it cannot replace traditional methods of treatment.

How to perform such a procedure? Once or three times per day (depending on the disease), compress a particular point on the body responsible for the specific organ. Such acupressure maps are available online and in professional books. Below is a list of points that we can massage ourselves to improve our well-being.

Are there any contraindications to such treatment? Probably not. It should not be used only by people who have skin diseases. Do not compress the spots with marks or varicose veins.


Please press for about a minute the spots in the hollows at the base of the skull.



Please press the point between the bone of the big and second toe (of foot) toward a smaller finger.



Please press firmly for a minute the spot on the inside of the foot, just behind the ball of the joint of the big toe.



Gently massage the eyebrows with fingers, starting from the nose.


Headache and neck

Lightly and rhythmically press for a minute the point between the index finger and thumb.


Stomach ache

You need to gently massage with your hands the point at the height of the navel.



The popliteal fossa is the point at which we can senses the pulse. You have to gently press it for two minutes.


Lack of concentration

Breathing deeply, gently squeeze for two minutes the point on the bridge of the nose, between the eyebrows.

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