Massage feet

Massage feet, you’ll be healthier Headaches, upper respiratory tract infections, insomnia – elimination of such ailments is promised by reflexology Reflexology is a therapeutic foot massage. There are points and areas associated with individual organs. If one is ailing, it is simply enough to respectively oppress certain places on the soles, back or edge of Continue reading »

Hands, feet, neck

Hands, feet, neck Sib Song Panna is an aristocratic family from the times of the kingdom of Lanna. Today this term is also used to define the variety of Thai massage, which is reserved for members of the royal family. Sib Song Panna Massage is a synthesis of several techniques: pressing with the body (not Continue reading »

Deep pressure, stretching

Deep pressure, stretching The body-nourishing Shan ritual begins with the ritual washing of the feet. Then a traditional Shan massage is performed, which combines the influences of Tibetan medicine, Ayurveda and Yunami-Tibb – Persian medicine. Technique includes deep pressure, stretching of the muscles and joints. Massage is performed with use of a blend of coconut Continue reading »

Tibetan Massage

Tibetan Massage The art of Tibetan massage has a very long, because counting as much as 5,000 years of tradition. It is a combination of classical therapeutic massage, reflexology, meaning oppressing specific points on the feet and biotherapy. The treatment consists in focusing power by hand at certain points of the body. While it is Continue reading »

Muscle Pains

Muscle Pains Muscle pains – massage, warming ointment, compresses Annoying muscle pains are the most common diseases and disorders of the musculoskeletal system and one of the most common causes of disability. However, these problems do not arise only from the working conditions or the load or fatigue in performing professional duties. Pain may occur Continue reading »

Abhyanga Massage

Abhyanga Massage Abhyanga gentle massage of the whole body with warm oil Tired body and flabby skin without healthy colour are problems which can be overcome by the good masseur applying therapies derived from Ayurveda. Abhyanga Massage (in literary translation “anointing”), is a gentle massage of the whole body performed with warm, medicinal oils. Oils Continue reading »

Thai Massage

Thai Massage This massage is nothing like our traditional classical massages. It is performed on a mat laid on the floor, without the use of oils, through loose clothing. Massage therapist uses a variety of techniques, mostly a rhythmical, slow pressure of the body and elements of stretching, passive yoga and working with energy channels. Continue reading »