Massage feet

Massage feet, you’ll be healthier Headaches, upper respiratory tract infections, insomnia – elimination of such ailments is promised by reflexology Reflexology is a therapeutic foot massage. There are points and areas associated with individual organs. If one is ailing, it is simply enough to respectively oppress certain places on the soles, back or edge of Continue reading »

Deep pressure, stretching

Deep pressure, stretching The body-nourishing Shan ritual begins with the ritual washing of the feet. Then a traditional Shan massage is performed, which combines the influences of Tibetan medicine, Ayurveda and Yunami-Tibb – Persian medicine. Technique includes deep pressure, stretching of the muscles and joints. Massage is performed with use of a blend of coconut Continue reading »


Muscles The muscles are highly specialized organs that are capable of reducing their length (contracting capacity). There are the following types of muscles: muscle tissue composed of smooth muscle, muscles composed of striated muscle fibers subordinate to our will and myocardium, consisting of muscle fibers transversely striated independent of our will (from conscious nerve impulses). Continue reading »