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Head Massage

Head Massage

Head Massage

Head Massage

Massage Therapy in patients suffering from headaches.

There are several massage types effective for patients suffering from headaches. Some of them can be performed without any medical qualifications. Massaging temples with finger tips is a great remedy for headaches.

Massage techniques can be classified into following groups:
• temples connective tissue massage
• neck massage
• scalp massage
• head massage
• general head massage

I will now discuss every single one of them.

Temples connective tissue massage should consist of extending not very intensive movements towards the hairline. If the intensity is appropriate the scalp is moving backwards, temples warm up and the headache usually releives. The temples should be massaged one after the other.

Neck massage should be given from the bottom to the top, gently and skillfully. Too intensive massage can make the headaches worse. We should concentrate on the points on both sides, at the third vertebra and at the back of the head.

Back of head massage is a perfect solution for patients whose headaches are caused by tense back muscles and stress accumulating in back of head muscles. Back of head massage should be given with thumbs massaging back of head muscles. Tilting head in different directions will also be beneficial. This type of massage should restore the correct muscle tension and relax tendons.

General head massage is very easy and not only eases headaches, but also improves vision and memory. Head should be massaged from the base of nose upwards to the top of head, and further down across the back of head towards neck. Generally speaking this type of massage consists of smooth movements which should be done of both sides of the patients head. We can use a nylon brush for more thorough massage.

Chronic headaches can be a symptom of a serious medical condition. That is why instead of taking painkillers to fight discomfort it is important to check what is going on in our body. Massage can help to relief headaches, only if they are caused by stressed muscles.

Very often the cause of headaches is dehydration. Our brain is composed of 80% water, it also uses water for various life process, i.e. cooling, that is why even the slight water deficiency can be signaled by headaches. Dehydration can be linked to intoxication of the body, drinking a lot of water will help to cleanse the body.

Stress and exhaustion can also cause headaches. Neck muscles and arms tension caused by stress can disturb lymph and blood circulation into brain, neck and face.

I truly belief that head massage should always be gentle and soothing.

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