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Massage – When The Client Arrives

Everything is ready. Fresh towels have been laid on the massage table, oil bottles refilled with scented oils. The temperature in the room has been optimally adjusted, so our client will feel comfortable. Scented candles have been lit, so the subtle lavender scent will let the client unwind before, the experience of the massage makes Continue reading »

Before The Client Arrives

For a professional massage therapist, giving a good massage is equally important as efficient time management during a work day. In order to be successful as a massage therapist, one has to work on many levels. It is impossible to discuss them all in one post. I will concentrate here on sharing my own experiences Continue reading »

Anti Cellulite Massage part 3

Anti Cellulite Massage part 3 Benefit criterion vs. risk. Contraindications during the therapy connected with cellulite. Most often, apart from a massage, we have to do with a different aim, ex. weight loss support and shaping silhouette. Obviously, we use aids in such a way that they do not create risk and side effects. Remember! Continue reading »

Anti Cellulite Massage part 2

Anti Cellulite Massage part 2 During comprehensive therapy you have to take into consideration: 1. Medical advice and any suggestions concerning diet and determining a condition of organism, particularly of circulatory system, blood vessels and consequently, indications for appropriate procedures that do not result in side effects, ex. increase in pressure, burst blood vessels, organism Continue reading »

Massage Therapist Decalogue

Massage Therapist Decalogue In every day practise every one of us, professional massage therapist, considers very important issue of helping another human being. We learn it as we grow up, thanks to our family efforts. These practices help us in our adult lives; they influence our need to be with another person for good and Continue reading »

Anti Cellulite Massage part 1

Anti Cellulite Massage Tactile sensitivity used in massage is the basis in both diagnostics and in anti-cellulite therapy itself and majority of cosmetic procedures and aesthetic medicine. It provides information about a current condition of tissues and changes that occur during the therapy enabling appropriate direction of individual treatment. Cellulite is an aesthetic-health problem which Continue reading »

Sound massage therapy

Sound Massage Therapy Sound – it is any aural sensation, that is a reaction to an external stimulus. These are also wave disturbances in elastic medium. Sounds are acoustic phenomena caused by regular complex vibrations, whereas murmurs are irregular vibrations caused by the source of sound. In our surrounding, we experience the sound influence, which Continue reading »


Reflexology Reflexology, feet acupressure or reflexotherapy is an ancient massage technique, whose origin can be traced back to China and Egypt. According to Chinese medicine, feet are the map of the whole body, its microcosm. Feet can be divided into different reflexive spheres, which are related to particular parts of the body. In those spheres, Continue reading »

Face Massage

Face Massage Face massage the doors to the soul. There are a few types of face massage. They all have cosmetic and health benefits and are a great way to relax. They can work much better than many cosmetic treatments. They work wonders not only for your look but also well-being. Face is like a Continue reading »

Head Massage

Head Massage Massage Therapy in patients suffering from headaches. There are several massage types effective for patients suffering from headaches. Some of them can be performed without any medical qualifications. Massaging temples with finger tips is a great remedy for headaches. Massage techniques can be classified into following groups: • temples connective tissue massage • Continue reading »