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Geriatric massage therapy

Geriatric Massage Therapy Preparing a massage session for elderly people, the most important factor is establishing any health problems they may have. It is very important to remember never to give massage to a patient whose health may deteriorate as a result of the treatment. The most common problems that would make it impossible to Continue reading »

Massage Therapist Injuries

Massage Therapist Injuries How massage therapist should avoid injuries? Massage Therapist’s Palms. It is very important for any massage therapist to avoid injuries, caused by repeated strain on your hands. Recovering from a palm injury may be long and winding road. It may even threaten or prematurely finish a therapist career. The following techniques will Continue reading »

Mobile massage London

Mobile Massage London Massage is a meticulous and unique therapeutic system that aims to introduce body and mind into a state of harmony, which results in good health, well-being and peace. It relieves fatigue and stress after a hard day, it partially compensates not sufficient amount of exercise. In the evening, we often lack energy, Continue reading »

Massage is really for You?

Massage for you Common belief is that anyone can be massaged regardless of age, sex and physical condition. I would like to highlight some exceptions here. There are many conditions which may make the massage treatment contraindicated, preventing a person from having the treatment. I strongly recommend to read this to be sure that a Continue reading »