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Massage for Pain Relief

Massage for Pain Relief

Massage as a solution for pain. More and more often we complain about musculoskeletal pain the treatment of which is associated with onerous rehabilitation. However, not every cure for the pain must be uncomfortable. A good example is the massage.

Healthy touch

Massage for Pain Relief

Massage for Pain Relief

the soothing touch of massage is not only a pleasure. This is primarily an excellent tool in the fight against ailments caused by muscle tension and stress. These words are confirmed by the study of American scientists from the University of Washington. In the research from 2003 it was proved that massage is one of the most unconventional techniques in the treatment of pain, particularly for the areas of the back.

Relax in chosen style
– Massage aims to relieve the musculoskeletal nervous tension and to obtain a complete relaxation. Relaxation massage has a positive impact on the nervous system, eliminating the negative effects of stress and stimulates the lymphatic system, cleansing the body of toxins. Above all, however, it has a positive effect on the psyche and the body’s energy balance. We can have a massage in the wellness clinic, using the services of a specialist or enjoy it at home. There are many types of massage and relaxation techniques, so it is worth to get acquainted with their actions to be able to select the most appropriate one for ourselves.

Classical massage
also called Swedish massage is the most popular form of massage. First of all, it relieves troublesome muscle tension. Regular massage improves the mood, increases the flow of oxygen in the blood and significantly reduces the tension in the spine, back and neck. This type of massage is for people who are permanently tired, who feel muscle pain and suffer for example from insomnia.

Shiatsu massage
that is, the Japanese art of oppression. It stimulates and regulates natural energy inside the body, cleansing it of unwanted toxins and deposits. This provides the efficiency of the entire organism and increases the immunity to the disease. Above all, however, it effectively improves our physical condition, so it is suitable for people living in constant tension and stressed.

Hot stones massage
it combines the positive effects of among others acupressure, thermotherapy and classic massage. It is performed using heated, basalt stones. They can be purchased at specialized stores, but in order to make good use of their properties, one must undergo an appropriate training. Relaxing massage with hot stones is similar to thermal bath, it calms and relaxes. It is created for people who are tired and weak, because it accelerates the relaxation processes.

Thai massage
it is nothing like the traditional classical massage, because the massaged person takes during the treatment many positions specific to yoga. For this reason, this technique is called “yoga for the lazy” and should be done with an instructor. The stretched muscles are relaxed, it improves mobility and unblocks the flow of energy in the body. It is recommended for people with impaired joint functions. In order to obtain the best result, the massage is sometimes combined with medicinal therapeutic methods.

Massage name Technique Action for whom
Classical massage (Swedish) – Stroking
– Rubbing
– Percussion
– Kneading
– Squeezing
– Rolling
– Shaking
– Vibration
– Relaxes the muscles
– Reduces pain
– Improves circulation
– Stimulates the lymphatic system – for tired
– For those experiencing muscle pain
– For people with sleep problems

Shiatsu Massage – compression – removes tension from muscles
– Reduces pain
– Improves the flow of energy in the body
– Improves the well-being and mental condition – for stressed
– For experiencing muscle pain
– For tired

Hot stone massage – stroking with hot basalt stones – relaxes the muscles
– Removes tension
– Relaxes – for tired

Thai massage – stretching
– Elements of yoga
– Pressing – stretching of muscles and joints
– Improves the flow of energy in the body – for those who suffer of joint dysfunction

Relaxing massage in an effective and proven way for the elimination of harmful deposits in the body, which helps to improve the health and vitality of the organism. Regular use helps maintain the health and well-being for a long time.

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