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Massage Therapist – Marek Handziak

Massage has been my passion for a very long time. I have been studying different massaging techniques for several years now, and I am still learning new skills. I, myself, also benefit from the blessing of massage, by having regular relaxing massage session.

I have proved my skills and experience in relaxing massage techniques by passing relevant exams and obtaining professional qualifications. I provide relaxing massage treatment under registered name New Life-Massage London. You are welcome to book your massage treatment in your own home, at your workplace or in a hotel.

Every massage session is preceded by a conversation and client’s questionnaire, which let me establish what are your expectations, the purpose of the treatment and to choose the best technique to achieve them.

As a qualified massage therapist, I always do my best to make my customers feel satisfied and looked after. I appreciate how important it is to cherish that little moment when we can just pause for a little while, stop thinking about our problems and simply unwind. Massage session is the time, when you give yourself and your body a chance to rejuvenate, relax and recharge. I strongly advocate all forms healthy lifestyle. I do take time to exercise, have regular massage treatments, because I understand, that is the best investment of your time and money. Let me take care of your wellbeing and vitality. The purpose of my actions is to prove the values I live by: “Experience yourself what a real relaxation is about … “


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