Deep pressure, stretching

Deep pressure, stretching The body-nourishing Shan ritual begins with the ritual washing of the feet. Then a traditional Shan massage is performed, which combines the influences of Tibetan medicine, Ayurveda and Yunami-Tibb – Persian medicine. Technique includes deep pressure, stretching of the muscles and joints. Massage is performed with use of a blend of coconut Continue reading »

Relaxing the mind

Relaxing the mind and calming Relaxing. The areas of today’s northern Thailand were inhabited for centuries by the people originating from southern China, India, Burma and Laos. Each of these cultures has carried with it a rich medical tradition, such as Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine or folk methods of healing the body and spirit. The Continue reading »

Muscle Pains

Muscle Pains Muscle pains – massage, warming ointment, compresses Annoying muscle pains are the most common diseases and disorders of the musculoskeletal system and one of the most common causes of disability. However, these problems do not arise only from the working conditions or the load or fatigue in performing professional duties. Pain may occur Continue reading »

Spine pains

Spine Pains Spine is a very durable and unusually well-structured organ. Thanks to physiological curvatures, it is able to endure huge loads. It consists of 32-33 parts – vertebras, joined with ligaments and muscles, which enables its considerable movability, which would normally be difficult to connect with the necessity of enduring huge loads. One cannot Continue reading »

Massage is really for You?

Massage for you Common belief is that anyone can be massaged regardless of age, sex and physical condition. I would like to highlight some exceptions here. There are many conditions which may make the massage treatment contraindicated, preventing a person from having the treatment. I strongly recommend to read this to be sure that a Continue reading »