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 by X
Healing hands

I went to Marek when I had a back problem. He did not need to be told exactly where the problem was, he found it right away and explained the cause of my pain. He then massaged the source of the problem thoroughly and I was pain-free by the following day. I’m not always in London but will absolutely book an appointment next time I am there. I have been seeing Marek for more than 2 years now and can not recommend him highly enough.

 by G
Excellent massage treatments, highly recommended.

My Pilates teacher recommended Marek to me and I’m very glad he did.
Marek’s treatments are excellent and he is very knowledgeable about all muscles, joints and trigger points in the body. As someone who has had plenty of tension, RSI injuries, stress-related tension and migraines/tension headaches I feel very fortunate to be able to now have a regular massage from Marek. I aim to have a 90 minute full body treatment once a month to try and prevent things building up in my back/shoulders/neck.
I have never had any massage before like his, he is very strong and experienced and has the confidence to get deep into difficult bits and knots.
After the treatment I feel completely different, more relaxed, I sleep better, and although I might be a bit sore in some muscles for a couple days, I feel much better and muscle tension is very much reduced. Next month both my husband and I are already booked in.
Having a massage at home is a real treat, not having to travel afterwards is a huge advantage as you can make the most of relaxing afterwards. Marek is very professional and is a polite gentleman, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

 by Ayhan Isik
Highly reccomended, very professional

I was recommended to Marek by a friend and wasn't disappointed at all. I suffered for days with back pain but one session with Marek sorted my pain within a couple of days. Marek is extremely friendly, knows what he is doing. Marek went out of his way to advise on other health matters to help with future back problems. I will certainly use Marek again.

 by Des
A First Class Massage

Booked Marek for a 90min massage last night and was not disappointed. He was punctual, professional, charming and so eager to give the perfect massage. Marek just loves what he does and wants to give 100% satisfaction. The massage was unhurried and was so relaxing I requested an extra 30mins. I went to bed and slept like a log! I have no hesitation in recommending Marek. I will certainly be booking him again.

 by Emin Gul
The best in the business

Marek is a true professional and sure knows his stuff. I have had the pleasure of calling for his expertise twice and twice he has eradicated my problems. The NSH couldn't treat my neck and shoulder problems but Marek did! I feel very comfortable and confident with his advise. Not only does he deal with the pain he actually goes into great depth of how it may have been caused and how to prevent it.
I recommend Marek to any one with pains and aches, his magical to say the least! NSH tried for weeks to sort my problems with no luck, one treatment with Marek and I was back to my usual self and work.
Thank you Marek

 by Zen
Pure Genius in Massage techniques

Sheer class in massage technique. I have never experienced such pure relaxation from a massage, my senses were heightened, the tension in my muscles were relieved and various parts of my body were revitalised. I suffer from high blood pressure and tension in the neck and shoulders, Marek knew how to relieve these ailments without any prompting. He was very engaging, professional and attentive to my requirements. It's great that he comes to your home, so immediately after the massage you can head to bed knowing that you're going to have a blissful sleep. And....his prices are very very competitive and when you combine this with the quality of his massage and compare it to other private Masseurs (some over-rated and sub-standard) as well as many high street and country health spa's. I'd highly recommend Marek to anyone that enjoys a massage. You won't be disappointed, you've got nothing to lose but much to gain! Thanks Marek.

 by Dushyant

Marek hands are unimaginable. I have been taking massages for last 6 years but nothing can beat Marek. He is too professional, understands your requirement in detail and action accordingly. I throughly enjoyed the treatment, he even did 10 minutes extra. Surely will suggest try Marek...good value for money with great satisfaction.

 by Stefania
Magic Touch!

I have had back problems since I was a teenager. I had usually had problems on my lower back, but recently, probably caused by the stress and my work, I have a massive pain between my shoulder blade with the result that I can barely move my neck and the last time it got to my arm as well! Thankfully Marek was there!! I have been receiving his massages for a while now and I have to say that I am really happy with him. Marke is very professional, passionate in what he is doing and he cares about the people is giving the massage to. I am now having regular session with him and I really recommend his services to everyone! His magic touch is fixing me!! Thank you so much Marek!

 by Sydney
Highly recommend!

Marek provides an excellent service. We love the convenience of having a great massage in our own house! We never feel rushed and it is so nice to be able to truly relax afterwards.

The best you can get from a massage therapists is a professional session, which will leave your body and mind relaxed. I hope you will be able to experience the benefits of mobile massage treatment in the convenient and familiar surroundings of your own home.

 by MD
Relaxing and Therapeutic

I have been seeing Marek regularly for some time now and I am glad that I made that first booking! He takes time to understand how I am feeling before each and every massage and amends his style accordingly. His approach in unhurried and sincere and has a fantastic technique. I have tight muscles due to lots of training and running and Marek really helps to loosen the tension. My job is very stressful too, and I always feel a wonderful sense of calm afterwards. Very highly recommended!

Stressful work and regular hardcore sessions in the gym are only a couple of the factors which influence energy imbalance and emotional strain. Regular massage treatments allow us to get unexpectedly positive results, we are taking good care of your own body and mind. Living in fast paced London reality, when our diaries are bursting at seams, mobile massage treatment is a best way to relax, which I strongly recommend not only as a massage therapist, but also as person, who has regular massage therapy myself.

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