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Therapeutic Massage is good (2/2)

Therapeutic Massage is good

Shiastu, Ayurveda, Lomi-Lomi

Massage is good

Massage is good

Nowadays massage enjoys its revival, you can choose at least a couple of its variations: classic, relaxing, acupressure, Ayurvedic, Shiatsu or Lomi-Lomi.

Currently, more than a half of patients are young people who take massage as a form of relaxation and not of health improvement.


Classic massage is performed directly on the body of a massaged person with the use of a baby oil, talcum powder or medicinalointment. Most often traditional techniques are applied, these involve: rubbing, stroking, squeezing, moving, patting. Movements of a massage therapist should be calm, slow, rhythmic, soft. During good relaxing massage all muscles are relaxed so much that we can hardly control our own body. – During massage, it’s better not to talk with the therapist. The most interesting and friendliest conversation will not relax us the same way that complete abandon during relaxation will.

Another type of massage which has recently become popular is Ma-Uri massage coming from Polynesia. The treatment uses specially selected music which introduces rhythm, energy and incredible atmosphere in the work with a massaged person. The customer’s body is treated with the greatest respect as a “temple of spirit”.

The essence of Ayurvedic massage is connected with the movement of energy within the body. It is a subtle combination of classic massage and acupressure. Lomi-Lomi Nui massage is a Hawaiian form of “work with the body” and it originates in ancient temples of Hawaii.
Tradition of Tibetan massage has already survived 5 thousand years. Treatment constitutes a combination of classic healing massage, reflexology – involving pressure application on special feet points, and biotherapy. Massage consists in focusing energy manually on certain body points. Even though it is almost touchless, it stimulates strongly the customer. The therapist applies more pressure only to feel, while skin of different body parts is only brushed. Treatment is carried out on seriously ill people. However, it is better to consult a doctor before therapy.

 In the Japanese massage variation – Shiatsu – hand pressure is applied in order to regulate physical structure of organism and its natural internal energy which eventually helps the customer cure diseases and stay healthy. This treatment is based on our inborn response to the touch, intuition and abilities to train our mind so that it surmounts obstacles in our way of maintaining the best health and good mood. Shiatsu massage makes use of several techniques, however a superficial observer may have an impression that nothing really happens during the therapy. Such observer barely notices calm and gentle kneading of various body points with thumbs or hands.

Massage is good for everything

– Each of us cumulates stress in different parts of the body. Massage relaxes mainly muscles of shoulder belt, pelvis and neck, in which deposits of “bad energy” tend to be stocked most frequently.

What’s more, it positively influences the skin itself: it removes dead cuticle cells. Skin becomes flexible and soft. Massage enhances muscle ability to work. After 5 minutes of massage, readiness to make effort grows five times! Tendon and ligament flexibility and strength, and joint level of mobility are also improved. Touch of hand awakes the vascular and lymphatic systems. It increases the speed of removing waste products from our organism, it facilitates the outflow of venous blood, and it reduces blood resistance in arteries which improves heart performance. Well, massage augments blood supply to the digestive system which considerably ameliorates digestion and assimilation of nutrients, and it also accelerates dismissal of indigested products from the digestive track. Thanks to this therapy blood amount flowing in kidneys is also boosted.

As a matter of fact, everybody should make oneself a massage every day. Even the simplest massage, such as scrubbing oneself with a special glove while taking a shower. But, pay attention! You shouldn’t overdo massage. People suffering from epilepsy or high arterial blood pressure, or pregnant women should consult doctor beforehand.


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