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Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage as a method of spine treatment

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage

How to free yourself from spine, joints, low back or nape pain. What to do, where to go when the pain still lasts after a week or longer period of time?

Unfortunately, modern medicine is not able to help, when we commonly overload the spine, not taking care of its good alignment during the day and at night.

Constant sitting or standing work does not have a positive influence on the condition of our spine. When it is overloaded, it reacts with pain, constant or radiating, occurring suddenly.
Such pain disables the normal functioning and its sensible every time when we want to bend, lift or move an object. Negligence and belief that it will cease by itself is unreasonable, so we should visit a physician, who will give a proper diagnosis. You will find out what causes the pain and how to treat it.

Spine treatment depends on the reason that causes the pain, and implementing a proper method of treatment has to be directed at the elimination of the reason itself, not at temporary curing. Reaching the source of pain is the most important, without it one cannot count on complete healing.
Nowadays, there are many methods of treatment of spine, joints or nape pain, starting with the pharmacological agents, rehabilitation, through surgeries, up to therapeutic massages. I would like to focus your attention on the last position, which is the therapeutic massage.

Therapeutic massages are performed by qualified specialists, often with proper education on rehabilitation, who use their knowledge and skills for treatment of various spine diseases. Spine treatment with use of massage brings amazing effects. Often when the medicine is not effective anymore and even a surgery does not bring the expected result, the massages result in the desired recovery.

In order for the treatment to bring the expected results, it has to be conducted regularly, one treatment will not bring complete fitness. Proper spine healing most often consists of 4-9 treatments, which last up to 1,5 hour.

Compliance with the recommendations of the massage therapist is the basis of complete recovery. If we do not change our habits or work, which overloads our spine, the pain will return after some time.

2 Responses to “Therapeutic massage”

  • Totally agree about treating the cause. Many of the ones I get are due to sitting too long in front of computer screens. Where I know the workplace has people to advise on correct set up of screen, desk height etc such as the NHS I advise them to get that person in.

    Even if it does get rid of their reason for asking for massage, I find it helps my reputation as someone who is not out to fleece people.


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